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Your Ultimate Home Security Solution Provider

Ensure your home security with our comprehensive range of WiFi cameras designed for indoor and outdoor use. Laxihub cameras are tailored to meet different scenarios and cater to your unique needs. Trust us for the best in home surveillance.

Arenti APP, Security at your Fingertips

Keep an eye on everything in your home with Arenti. You can view live feeds from all of your cameras, doorbells, and other devices all at once, even when you’re not there. Check out what’s happening inside your home from anywhere, anytime.

Get instant notifications on your phone when motion is detected. You can even customize the specific areas you want to monitor in your home, and receive notifications in real-time.

Get all your Arenti and Laxihub cameras up and running in a snap! Control your pan/tilt cameras from afar, switch your home appliances on and off with ease, and even communicate with your guests – all from one app. With Arenti app, everything is at your fingertips!

Want to catch up on what you missed? With our Cloud Play and micro SD card, you can remotely play back video recordings and stay in the loop. It’s easy as pie!

Download Arenti APP 

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About Laxihub

Established in 2010, Laxihub is committed to providing home security solutions and the production of high-quality intelligent smart home cameras. Our main goal is to make your life easier, safer, and smarter.